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Renal medicine has emerged as a strong medical specialty in Pakistan with a rapidly increasing burden of patients. It is imperative that we are highly equipped with up to date knowledge and clinical skills to meet the demands and expectations of our patients.

Pakistan Society of Nephrology (PSN) has been at the forefront in the progress and prosperity of the field of Nephrology since its inception on the 18th of May 1995. It has been toiling hard to refine the practice of Nephrology in our country. The Pakistan Society of Nephrology is run by the legends of the Renal Medicine in Pakistan and has a strong tradition of academic excellence. The PSN endeavors to provide opportunities to the young nephrologists to attend CME activities abroad and also regularly organizes postgraduate courses for the budding nephrologists. The Biennial International Conference held under its umbrella highlights the society’s robust vision. The introduction of the Pakistan Journal of Kidney Diseases is a testament of the society’s efforts.