Chronic Kidney


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) burden is increasing worldwide. In developing countries like Pakistan, limited financial resources and lack of infrastructure put a severe strain on existing health policies in the light of the increasing burden of renal diseases. The exact prevalence of renal disease in Pakistan is not known due to lack of adequate data recording systems both in the Government and private sectors. Recently with the support of the Pakistan society of Nephrology, registries of various renal diseases has been formed with the hope of generating adequate information about patients with kidney problems in Pakistan. In western countries, diabetes and hypertension account for over 2/3rd of the cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In Pakistan however, diabetes, hypertension urinary stones and glomerulonephritis are the leading causes of CKD. It is estimated that every 10th person is suffering from some kind of kidney problem and 22000 patients develop End Stage Kidney Disease per year.These alarming statistics highlight the importance of good and effective Nephrological care in the country. PSN is doing its part in this regard. World kidney day is celebrated yearly to spread public awareness regarding kidney disorders. Still we have to go a long way until ideal health standards are achieved as far as Nephrology is concerned.