Article and Association​​

Article and Association



All qualified medical practitioners with:

Post-graduate qualification in Nephrology
Post-graduate qualification in Medicine with 3 years postgraduate experience in a recognized Nephrology Unit.

Associate Members:

All qualified medical practitioners who are engaged in the service of medicine in particular and interested in nephrology.

Life Members:

Those members who pay subscription for ten years shall be taken as life members.

Honorary Members:

Honorary membership shall be bestowed on persons who have rendered meritorious services or gained national and international distinction in the field of nephrology.

Privileges and Rights of Member And Life Member:

Any person desirous of becoming a member or associate member shall apply to the general secretary of the association. Every applicant will have to satisfy the executive committee of his eligibility in the manner and on producing such evidence as the committee may require, and the committee on being so satisfied may accept or reject his / her application.

Privileges And Rights Of Member And Life Member::

The above mentioned shall be entitled to:

PSN scholarship shall be offered to members and life members.

Life insurance of members and life members.

Vote at all general extra-ordinary meetings.

Propose and second resolution.

Propose and second candidates for holding office of the association.

Shall be eligible for all offices after being duly elected.

Receive publications of the PSN free of cost or on such rates as PSN may fix from time to time.

Privileges and Rights of Associate Member:

PSN scholarship shall be offered to associate members.

Life insurance of associate members.

To attend lectures, demonstrations and discussions of academic nature organized by the PSN.

To receive publications of PSN free of cost or on such rates as the PSN may fix from time to time.


Members shall pay Rs.500/- and Associate Members Rs.300/- per year.

Cessation Of Membershipr:

Any members or associate member may withdraw from the PSN by notifying his / her intention of doing so in a letter addressed to general secretary. Such a member shall be eligible for becoming a member again.

Any member or associate member whose subscription is in arrears for one year and who has continued to be in default for three months after being duly notified by registered post shall cease to be a member of the PSN. Such member shall eligible for re-election after payment of the penalty decided by the executive committee.

In case of prolonged absence a member may be granted leave of absence by the executive committee during which he will be exempted from payment of normal subscription. However, he shall pay Rs. 100/- of the annual subscription during the period of absence.

Management Of Organization:

The affairs and business of the PSN shall be conducted and managed by the executive committee. The rules and regulations and any amendments thereof, shall be made by the PSN with a majority of vote by those present.

The Executive Committee Shall Consist Of:


Past President

Vice President

General Secretary


Eleven Members

Without Prejudice Of The General Power Conferred The Executive Committee Shall Have Powers:

To make rules from time to time for conduct of its business so long as they are not inconsistent with the rules passed by the PSN.

To delegate any their powers to a sub-committee consisting of such members as they shall think it fit and makes such regulations for the proceedings of such sub-committee as may seen expedient.

To regulate the procedure at meetings of the executive committee.

To appoint and to remove from time to time persons in employment of the PSN and to fix their remunerations.

To frame and make by-laws, but the same must be approved by the PSN at its next meeting.

To sanction the acquisition by lease or transfer to the PSN of any moveable or immovable property or properties for the purpose of PSN.

To scrutinize audited account and balance sheet prepared by the treasurer.

Shall have full authority to administer and control the funds of the PSN.

To approve the annual report prepared by the general secretary.

Meeting Of The Executive Committee:

It shall meet at least once in six months.

Four members, one of whom should be an office bearer, shall form a quorum.

Attendance to executive committee by correspondence shall be valid in case the member is unable to attend by reasons of his/her being away from the venue of meeting. The correspondence shall be considered but the decisions of those present shall be final.

The agenda of the meeting shall be circulated a fortnight in advance of the date of the meeting.

The minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of the executive committee shall be recorded in the minute book. Every minute singed by the president of the meeting to which it relates, shall be sufficient evidence of the facts therein stated.

Non-attendance for three consecutive meetings of the executive committee, without showing any reasonable cause, shall disqualify the member from membership of the committee.

Vacancies in the executive committee shall be filled by nomination by the executive committee.

Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected once every two years.

Meeting of The Association:

The Meeting of the association shall be:

Ordinary general meeting.

Annual general meeting.

Extra ordinary meeting.

The date, time and place of these meetings shall be determined by the executive committee. Notice of one month shall be given for the annual general meeting. An extra ordinary general meeting can be called at a notice of 24 hours, if five members make a written request to the general secretary.

The Following Rules Shall Be Applicable To All General Meetings Of The Society:

One third of the members shall form a quorum. In case quorum is not completed, the meeting will be adjourned for half an hour.

Adjourned meeting shall be held at the same place after due notice. The usual quorum is not necessary for such meeting.

The non-receipt of notice of the meeting by any members sent under certification of posting shall not invalidate the proceedings of such a meeting.

The president or in his absence, the vice president of the society shall take the chair at the meetings. In case of the two being absent the members present shall elect a chairman for that meeting.

No motion, for which due notice of 15 days in advance has not given shall be discussed at the annual meeting or seven days in the case of ordinary general meetings.

The recognized method of voting shall be the show of hand and carried by the majority present, but a ballot may be demanded by a member. the chairman’s decision on the show of hands will be final.

In the event of equal votes on either side, president (or chairman) will have the right of casting the decisive vote.

Funds and Accounts:

The accounts and vouchers of receipts and expenditure of the PSN shall be subject to examination by a recognized or registered auditor. The auditor shall be appointed by the general body.

All sums received shall be regularly deposited into a recognized bank by the treasurer as soon as possible, after the receipt thereof.

All cheques drawn on the bank shall be signed by the treasurer and the president.


Every member of the executive committee and every other officer for the time being of the PSN, shall be indemnified out of the funds of the PSN against all losses and expenses incurred in the discharge of his/her duties lawfully done or performed.

Suits And Proceedings:

The secretary will have the power to file or defend suits or other proceedings on behalf of the PSN and will have power to compromise, settle or refer to arbitration any dispute relating to the PSN.


Once every two years, the chairman shall convene a meeting of the general body for election of the members of the managing committee and its office bearers.

The election shall be by vote of members present.
Every member shall have right to one vote, but the defaulter member who has not paid the membership fee shall not be eligible to cast has vote.
Members seeking election will have to file nomination papers at least two weeks prior to the date fixed for election and scrutiny of all the nomination papers proposed and seconded by two members shall be held at least one week before the date of election. Those candidates who nomination papers are in order shall be eligible to contest for the position sought and may contest the election.

Those unable to attend the election meeting may cast their vote by postal ballot.

Vacancy Clause:

The executive committee will nominate replacement of any office bearer or member who may in the event of resignation/death etc. cease to be member of the managing committee. The nominated officer or member will continue to hold office till the date of the new election.


The accounts of the society shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant every year as appointed by the General Body.


That on dissolution of the Society after the approval of 2/3rd majority of General Body all assets of the Society shall be transferred to any other Society subject to the condition that such Society must be in agreement with aims and objectives of the society and after clearance of all the liabilities.


No addition, alteration or amendments shall be made in the Memorandum or in the Article of Association of the PSN unless the same has been submitted to the General Secretary at least three months before the General Body meeting and approved by the Executive Committee. These amendments should be passed in a meeting of the General Body convened for purpose by 2/3rd of the members present.

Financial year of the Society would be from July 1st every year