PSN Advocacy and Awareness Taskforce

Advocacy and Awareness Task Force

  1. Regular presence on social media
  2. Regular maintenance of the Website and finalization of content
  3. Quarterly Online Webinars
  4. Monthly (or Quarterly) e-newsletter
  5. Strengthening alliances & partnerships with other societies
  6. Position PSN in a place where it should be consulted by the government for health policy matters
  7. Prevention of CKD (Stones, DM, HTN & CKDu)

Advocacy and Awareness Task Force (Members)

Dr. Shafiq Cheema ( Chair) ( Lahore) Dr. Ali Saqlain (Co-Chair) ( Lahore)
Dr. Ahad Qayyum( Lahore) Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Riaz (Lahore)
Dr. Ibad ur Rehman( Lahore) Dr. Javeria Chughtai( Secretary)( Karachi)
Dr. Rabia Azmat(Karachi) Dr. Kashif Kazmi ( Karachi)
Dr. Fazal Mohammad ( Quetta) Dr Bhagwan Das( Hyderabad)
Dr. Pooran Kumar( Hyderabad) Dr Hameedullah Tareen( Quetta