PSN Clinical Task Force (GN)

Deliverables of Task Forces

  1. Clinical Practice Guidelines for GN
  2. Registry with PSN ownership for, GN

Members and initiatives of the Glomerulonephritis Taskforce

1. Dr. Aizazmand Ahmed (Chairperson) (Lahore) 1. Dr. Kiran Nasir (Secretary)( Karachi)
2. Dr. Sumbul Nasir(Co-Chair) (Karachi) 2. Dr. Mohkumuddine( Quetta)
3. Dr. Poonam Khalid( Multan) 3. Dr. Maryam Masud ( Islamabad)
4. Dr. Ahmed Zeb( Peshawar) 4. Dr. Ali Unar ( Karachi)
5. Dr. Shumaila Memon( Karachi) 5. Dr. Rahil (Karachi)
6. Dr. Abid(Rahim Yar Khan) 6. Dr. Ameen( Karachi)
7. Dr. Maryam Javed(Lahore) 7. Dr. Amna( Karachi)