PSN Clinical Task Force (PD)

Deliverables of Task Forces

  1. Clinical Practice Guidelines for PD
  2. Registry with PSN ownership for PD

Clinical Task Force

Dr Ahad Qayyum ( Chair) ( Lahore Dr. Nauman Tarif ( Lahore)
Dr Rashid Sharaf ( USA) Dr. Faiza Saeed ( Co-Chair) ( Karachi)
Dr. Nayyer Saleem (Multan) Dr. Mohsin Riaz ( Secretary) ( Lahore)
Dr. Khurram Bashir (Multan) Dr. Farhana Amanullah (Karachi)
Dr. Bilal Jameel ( Karachi) Dr. Javeria Chugtai ( Karachi)
Dr. Habib Rind ( Quetta) Dr. Shahnawaz Karim ( Badin)
Dr. Ubaid Tanseer ( Muzaffar Garh)


Terms of Reference (TORs) of Task Forces

The mandate of each Task Force:
The mandate of each task force should be in accordance with the deliverables defined in the earlier slide.

Membership of each Task Force:
The membership can be modified (if deemed necessary by the Chair of the task force) in consultation with Chair & Secretary, and Advisory Committee.

Regularity of Task Force Meetings:

  • The Secretary of the Task Force will be responsible for scheduling meetings and taking the minutes and sharing them with the Secretary, Advisory Committee within one week.
  • Ideally each Task Force should meet at least once a month.

Tenure of Chairs and Members of Task Forces:
The tenure for the Chairs and Members of Task Forces shall be till the existence of the current PSN Executive Committee.

Timelines for deliverables by Task Forces:
The timelines for various deliverables should be shared with the Secretary, Advisory Committee.


  • Quorum for the meeting is set at 50% attendance of the Task Force members.
  • Presence of either Chair or Secretary is mandatory.
  • Absence of a member from three consecutive meetings will void his/her membership in the Task Force.

Method of Decision-Making:
Decision-making should be by consensus. If no consensus is being developed, then voting can be executed to seek the majority’s opinion.

Reporting Relationship:
Each Task Force will report to the Advisory Committee through sharing of its minutes with the Secretary, Advisory Committee