PSN Clinical Taskforce (Transplantation)

Deliverables of Task Forces

  1. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Transplant
  2. Registry with PSN ownership for Transplant

Members and initiatives of the Task Force

1. Dr. Syed Fazal Akhter( Karachi) (Chair) 1. Dr. Mohsin Naveed ( Islamabad)
2. Dr. Umair Ahmed Siddiqui (Co-Chair) 2. Dr. Rabia Azmat( Karachi) ( Secretary)
3. Dr. Hafiz Ijaz( Lahore) 3. Dr. Tassaduq Salman ( Karachi)
4. Dr. Nayyer Mahmood( Islamabad) 4. Dr. Murtaza Dhrolia( Karachi)
5. Dr. Nayyer Saleem( Multan) 5. Dr Fazal Ahmed( Quetta)
6. Dr. Farrukh Umair( Karachi) 6. Dr. Haris Murad( Karachi)