Sign And Symptoms of Glomerulonephritis

Sign And Symptoms of Glomerulonephritis

Proteins present in the blood keep the fluid part of the blood within the vessels. When there is a loss of proteins in the urine, its blood level falls and as a result fluids will shift out of the blood vessels causing edema of the body. 

Edema is most prominent on the dependent parts of the body like the face in the early morning and on the feet during the evening time. 

Decrease in urine output termed as “oliguria” 

Edema also occurs due to the retention of salt and fluid in the body as result of the malfunctioning of the kidney. 

High blood pressure because of salt and water retention and excessive release of hormones like renin from the diseased kidneys. 

Coca cola or black tea like color of the urine due to the presence of blood in it. Frothy urine due to the presence of proteins in the urine. 

When the disease is very severe, there will be retention of waste products like urea and creatinine in the body and the patient can present with signs and symptoms of the renal failure.