PSN Research Taskforce

Research Task Force

  1. Review of Research proposals and suitable advice
  2. Capacity Building of Faculty, Residents & Technicians
  3. Advice for IRB & CRU development to various institutes
  4. Multi-center Clinical Trials through proper registration
    Seeking Research Grant opportunities
  5. Strengthening PJKD.
  6. Strategies to develop nationwide multicentric research

Clinical Task Force( Hemodialysis)

Dr. Mujtaba Qadri(Chair)(Islamabad) Dr. Waqar Kazmi (Co-chair) (Karachi)
Dr. Rubina Naqvi (Karachi) Dr. Naila Asif (Karachi)
Dr. Nauman Tarif (Lahore) Dr. Ahad Qayyum (Lahore)
Dr. Farrukh Koraishy (Stonybrook's USA) Dr. Ghulam Abbas (Multan)
Dr. Amer Azhar (Peshawar) Dr. Shoukat Memon(Secretary)(Karachi)
Dr. Sonia Yaqoob (Karachi) Dr. Ruqaya Qureshi (Karachi)
Dr. Rashid Asghar (Multan) Dr. Mohkumuddine (Quetta)
Dr. Abbas Haider(Karachi) Dr. Omer Sabir(Lahore)
Dr. Shaheen Sultan(Karachi)


Terms of Reference (TORs) of Task Forces

The mandate of each Task Force:
The mandate of each task force should be in accordance with the deliverables defined in the earlier slide.

Membership of each Task Force:
The membership can be modified (if deemed necessary by the Chair of the task force) in consultation with Chair & Secretary, and Advisory Committee.

Regularity of Task Force Meetings:

  • The Secretary of the Task Force will be responsible for scheduling meetings and taking the minutes and sharing them with the Secretary, Advisory Committee within one week.
  • Ideally each Task Force should meet at least once a month.

Tenure of Chairs and Members of Task Forces:
The tenure for the Chairs and Members of Task Forces shall be till the existence of the current PSN Executive Committee.

Timelines for deliverables by Task Forces:
The timelines for various deliverables should be shared with the Secretary, Advisory Committee.


  • Quorum for the meeting is set at 50% attendance of the Task Force members.
  • Presence of either Chair or Secretary is mandatory.
  • Absence of a member from three consecutive meetings will void his/her membership in the Task Force.

Method of Decision-Making:
Decision-making should be by consensus. If no consensus is being developed, then voting can be executed to seek the majority’s opinion.

Reporting Relationship:
Teach Task Force will report to the Advisory Committee through sharing of its minutes with the Secretary, Advisory Committee